Participate in hand-on events on how to start online sales to China.


Event together with Dansk Mode og Tekstil about how you start selling your products online in China. The event is both in Copenhagen and Herning and is hosted by Dansk Mode og Tekstil. We are looking forward to seeing you in either Copenhagen or Herning.


Event in Copenhagen, 13 November 2018

Event in Herning, 14 November 2018



Lancering af virksomhedsguide til det kinesiske marked for de kreative erhverv, IKT og Turisme The event is 6 October in Herning. Hosted by Dansk Mode og Tekstil and Lifestyle & Design Cluster. Save the day and sign up in the link above. Hands-on report China market distributed to participants.


Online Export 11 October 2016  – Programme Linking Nordic companies with Chinese consumers online


Danish-Chinese Business Forum and Ehubnordic are pleased to invite you to an e-commerce seminar where we will look closer into how to approach China’s online consumer market. Get the newest figures and consumer trends from Alibaba Group. The establishment of partnerships can be an important way of entering a new market. Get insights into the advantages that can be obtained. The seminar will provide you with knowledge and tools to start online sales in China. The speakers will share their experiences of how they are challenged by the online sales channels and how they accommodate these challenges.

View and listen to some of the insight from our event Useful tips and advice from our event



Get news and insights in online eksport to China and marketplaces.



Article in e-handel.no – “Nå vil kineserne ha nordisk kvalitet



Read about how a partner can help you sell online in China –


Kineserne vil have nordisk kvalitet



Great insights on Raunsborg’s experiences with China – På vej til Kina

Read about Ehubnordic in Børsen – E-handel disse lande kan du let eksportere til

Prøv kræfter med det kinesiske marked – read the whole article on FAGA

Start your online export adventure to China and get insight from the article Porten til Kina er blevet bredere in the Trade Marketing Journal Markedsføringen.

The Chinese Ambassador for Denmark visiting Ehubnordic.

Is Online Export the new Black

Recent debate from Danish Chinese Business Forum, Ehubnordic and IFU in Børsen – Flere danske SMV’er skal sælge til Kina

Nyt fremstød for dansk e-handel i Kina i Børsen.

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