By Ann Christin Mahrt | June 09, 2017

Start playing with the numbers…what’s in it for me?

Starting sales to China is a huge undertaking for small and medium sized businesses. Some businesses are already aware of the large e-commerce potential in China. The hard part of it is to find the right solution when entering the online marketplaces, such as Tmall Global, in China.

For large businesses the possibilities are broader, but for smaller and medium sized businesses it is harder to find a solution that is not too risky, to investment heavy and which does not demand too many recourses regarding manpower and knowledge. One solution is to partner up with a multi-brand partner who has a web shop on the market place and who takes care of go-live activities on the shop, payment, marketing, customer service, returns and facilitate the logistic set-up.

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Start filling in the blanks and find out how much you can earn on a single product sold in China.

Start playing with the numbers and find out at what price you can sell your products, and still earn money. Chinese consumers are willing to pay a higher price for foreign premium quality products.

Price example  for Apparel:

Price on Nordic web shop 299 DKK
Alipay fee 1% 2.99 DKK
Category fee Apparel 5% 14.95 DKK
Ehubnordic fee 15% 44.85 DKK
Shipping – 0.5 kg 40.55 DKK
Incidentals 11,9% 20.81 DKK
Base price 174.85 DKK

Good to know…

Nordic web shop The web shop operated by Ehubnordic is selling Nordic quality design products directly to the Chinese consumer from a brand’s warehouse / web shop.

Web shop Marketing, customer service and returns are handle by the multi-brand owner Ehubnordic and this service is paid by the individual brands.

Shipping is paid by the Chinese consumer and included in the price. The product is shipped from the brand’s warehouse directly to the Chinese consumer.

Base price The price a brand receives for its products when fees are paid.

Transaction fee (Alibaba’s payment service (Alipay)): 1%.

Category fees (Alibaba fee for doing business on their platform):

  • Cosmetics 4%
  • Apparel, shoes & bags 5%
  • Children’s clothing & toys 5%
  • Health care products 3%
  • Home decoration 5%
  • Food 2%

Multi brand partner fee to Ehubnordic our fee varies depending product and sales price

Price for shipping (from Denmark with EMS/PostNord 2019): 1kg costs 87,72 DKK.

Incidentals (11,2% duty and administrative fee – 2019): 11,2%.


A great beginning is to start with few products, gain experience and knowledge of what is selling in China and what is not. Find a multi-brand partner and start sales in China without being there physically and obtain experience with demand and the online e-commerce market. The best way to start sales is through direct shipment from your warehouse / web shop directly to the Chinese consumer.

Why is this the best way? It is simply the best way as you thereby eliminate the trust issue, which is present among Chinese consumers. “Is this product original?”, “Is it produced to be sold to Nordic residents?”, “Is it a premium quality brand” and “Is it safe?” As you probably know China is known for its counterfeit products and that is why Chinese consumers are critical and suspicious.

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