By Ann Christin Mahrt | January 31, 2018

Cross-border Sales in China

Gain insights on Chinese customers

A known fact is that the Chinese middle class is growing as well as their income in raising which has a positive effect on their shopping behaviour such as purchasing power. Purchases are mainly more quality driven. Imported products is attractive due to better quality and brand prestige.

Another result of the growth is that cross-border is one of the fastest growing retail channels in China.

Consumer characteristics

The reason why Chinese consumers do their shopping from cross-border is due to better quality products, better offers, variety and authenticity. Consumers use predominately mobile when shopping and payment is dominated by Alipay. The Chinese consumers are mainly young and working adults in the age group 30 – 39 followed by 20 – 29.


Cross-border shopping habit is increasingly being adopted by lower tier cities

Individual shoppers are shifting to become family shoppers

Cross-border shoppers tend to spend more for each order

China’s cross-border shoppers are becoming mobile

Chinese customers’ demands are more diversified, meaning more opportunities for nice brands and categories

Customers value a better shopping experience

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Source: Azoya, Customers comes first 2018,

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