By Ann Christin Mahrt | October 12, 2018

Online Sales to China

-be in China without speaking the language or being there physically. Start to learn and test the market for your products and be ready to escalate your sales on the largest e-commerce market in the world with the savviest m-consumers you can imagine. Be prepared to change your perspective – nothing is as you think it is. Start you adventure now and be ahead of all others.



What expectations can a brand have to sales in China?

First of all, to start sales in China is a long-term relationship due to the fact that your brand is going to compete on the largest e-commerce market in the world and with the savviest m-consumers in the world.


Your products are to compete on a market where they have almost every kind of product. Therefore, it is extremely important that your brand has a strong story and that your product is genuine regarding functionality, quality, safety, endurance, design etc. And you may consider focusing on different features than you use to – remember to be prepared to change your perspective. This also goes for how to market your product. Nothing is conceptualized and streamlined as we are used to but executed in a different way.


Our experience is that before you start selling your products you have to test and learn about the market in relations to your product and build a hero product that can drive sales. This process takes time and our experience is that it takes up to 1 year to come to the stage where you are beginning to see satisfying sales.


A partner for your adventure

At Ehubnordic we are gathering Nordic brand at our multi brand Store –– on the Tmall Global. One of the platforms that Alibaba is running besides and Taobao. Besides Alibaba we are operating on +30 cross-border platforms/channels such as Netease Kaola, JD worldwide, VIP, Xiao Hong Shu, Yun JI etc. to boost sales even further. From January 2017 until September 2017 our sales were 200,000 DKK and in the similar period from January 2018 until September 2018 our sales have doubled 7 times to 1,400,000 DKK.


What characteristics does our customers have?

On our store our customers primarily come from: Guangdong, Zhejland, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Beijing. Our customer is primarily a female in the age between 18 – 35 years and they have quite a high consumptions ability. Most of our customers are not very price sensitive, as they are more focused on the product itself than the price. Customers are mostly interested in table wear, healthy food, accessories, kitchenware and skin care.


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