December 14, 2018

What Marketing initiatives to drive sales in China on Tmall Global?

It is evident that social media in China has grown and matured into a sea of possibilities through integrations across industries and conglomerates. Early December 2018, it was announced that Alibaba’s C2C domestic shopping platform has introduced reviews from another social media App called RED (Xiao Hong Shu).

RED is the recent KOL App with over 100 million users who are predominantly post 90s and millennials. The move signifies a further integration between content marketing and eCommerce.

Some of the selected RED reviews can now be displayed on some of the hot selling products on Taobao. These reviews sways shoppers’ decisions with picture contents and true-to-the-facts copywriting.

The smart merge solidifies the process from marketing and branding to sales. While results may vary with KOLs and content, but this is a great opportunity for new brands to employ in hopes for more immediate sales from their marketing spending.

This is the reason why we at Ehubnordic through our Tmall Global store and marketing set-up is tactically sound for a new brand within our categories: Mother & Baby, Design & Interior, Food & Health, Skin Care & Cosmetics and Fashion & Accessories. Below is an outline of the steps we conduct marketing on our Tmall Global Brand Store:

Our Tmall Global store is the platform where over 80% of the Chinese consumers shop for big and small international brands. A good place to conduct marketing to gain brand recognition from customers who are interested in similar brands.

Step 1.We will establish a sales channel on Tmall Global where customers can find our products. We will assist you in selecting the right product assortments for the Chinese market in the beginning.

Step 2.We will use keywords to gain brand recognition for customers who shop similar products from other brands who are already well known to the Chinese market.

Step 3.We will use KOLs on and off the Tmall and Taobao platform to gather further traction to the brand. This will be tied to our Tmall global sales channel where people get acquainted with our products in full detail and we will do our utmost to convert visitors to buying customers.

Step 4.We will investigate along the way possibilities for the brand to be present on other channels. Maybe by then you will be contacted by other distributors in China and we can do trading in bulk and eCommerce simultaneously.

Additionally, we can, of course, test products on other platforms. But to invest on another platform in the startup phase will be a great investment and that is too risky to commit to in beginning. But along the way in our partnership we will develop the brand’s presence in the market e.g. both by product selection, channels or other online / offline initiatives. It is our strategy that one day our brands will be big enough to qualify for online flagship shop stores with one brand per store. In this way we can focus our attention on one brand and make consistent strategies on marketing and sales.

Written by Deheng Xie, E-commerce Expert