February 19, 2019



Jakobsens Honey

It started with listing Jakobsens Honey products on PostNord Flagship store then opening their own Flagship store to having resellers and sales on other platforms in China.

We have sucessfully in April 2020 opened a flagship store for the brand Jakobsens Honey (owned by Good Food Group). The products we are selling is famous in Denmark, but had no social footprint in China.

We helped Jakobsens to expand their market in China through e-commerce. We listed their products and tested a few sku’s on our Postnord Flagship Store. Then we build a hero product and is selling +25,000 units per year. Today they have sales in many channels.

We also offered suggestions for new product development, sizing and new tastes for Jakobsens Honey, as well as the most popular packaging in China. We have managed to expand their business to resellers, other platforms and helping them with import of new developed products to China.