February 19, 2019

Milk Powder

Milk Powder is a key driver for traffic

Brands – Arla Dano, Arla Baby & Me, Semper Allomin, Royal Farm

Since the milk powder scandal in 2008 in China it has been prosperous for international milk power supplier to sell their products in China. The scandal has also had a positive effect on food products in general from abroad. Arla and other producers have experienced an increase in sales and are collaborating with more partners in China among others Ehubnordic.

On Ehubnordic’s multibrand store several milk powder brands are present both for babies, children and adults. We are shipping both from bonded warehouses in China and directly from Denmark. Milk powder is among the top sellers of products that are sold from Danish web shops to Chinese consumers. Milk powder is generating traffic and the typical consumer is a female aged 25-42, who also buys other products for the home and herself e.g. design products, skin care & Cosmetics as well as fashion & Accessories


Sales started in February 2018 and until now over 1,600 orders have been shipped.

Top seller is Arla Dano then followed by Arla Baby & Me, Semper Allomin and Royal Farm.


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