February 19, 2019

Skin Care

Skin care brands for both men and women

Raunsborg, Barberians & Apotekets 

Raunsborg is a recognized Danish skincare brand whose brand is to create effective and gentle beauty products. 

Barberians is an exclusive Danish assortment of high quality, “authentic” grooming products for the modern gentlemen. Their Vitalizing shower gel and shampoo are loved by many Chinese consumers.

Apotekets is the pharmacy’s brand for those who want safe products for the whole family’s well-being and personal care. Customers get simple, effective products. Baby care products are the best seller for this brand. 

We cultivated the brand value through KOLs and ads combined with several good sales channels. At the same time, live streaming through Taobao.com platform is becoming the main channel for selling the skincare products. We have 3 live streamers based in Denmark and China. 


For Barberians, sales started in April 2019 and until July over several 100 of products have been shipped.

More than 45 orders are placed in the first-months sell of Apotekets.


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