February 19, 2019


Online sales China from one platform to several

Stelton sells design products with in table and kitchenware.

Stelton went live on Ehubnordic’s multibrand store end of April 2016 and started their sales with shipment directly from Denmark. In the beginning sales were limited but satisfying as Stelton sold on average one product a day even without having built brand awareness on the Chinese market.

In the beginning we focused on brand building activities, monitoring the competitive landscape, establishing a hero product to drive sales as well as expanding sales channels. These activities took sales to a satisfactory level.

Next step was to build on the foundation that has been established by working consistently on building brand and creating new hero products to increase sales and expand channels e.g. a WeChat Official Store. Besides that, increase product selection. To be more cost effective and competitive on the market top-sellers were moved to a bonded warehouse in China. 


From September 2017 to September 2018 we grew Stelton sales 7 times, whilst we cultivated the brand value through KOLs and ads combined with several good sales channels.

11/11 Sales 2017 to Sales 2018 we grew Stelton 600%.

Top sellers are Thermo EM77 – Stelton’s famous Thermos and Click2Go -Thermo mug. The Click2Go is very suitable for the Chinese lifestyle as they are always on their way to a new place. The Thermo EM77 is perfect for keeping hot water as well as for coffee also.


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