February 19, 2019



Green Kale – KaLOHAS

In recent years, organic health products have attracted Chinese customers’ attention on Tmall Global. The product matches the need for functional food and especially after Corona there is a focus on staying healthy and strengthening the immune system.

We have listed Green Kale – KaLOHAS products on our Tmall Global PostNord store July 2021.

We did successful marketing for this product and brand introducing it to the market. Sales volume reached the first year +20,000 units.

The reason why Green Kale – KaLOHAS is selling well in China is because of portability, convenience, good taste (like matcha), and the additional value that it is a healthy weight loss product as well.

Further developments for this partnership are to develop new tastes, improve the product or develop similar products to attract more customers and attain existing customers. When more products are being developed the brand will be mature to open a flagship store. Another possibility is to find resellers and sales on other platforms.