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About Tmall Global

Who is Alibaba?

Alibaba is a technology company with marketplaces such as Taobao,, Tmall Global etc. as well as Mobile Media & Entertainment services among other commerce services.

What is Tmall Global?

Tmall Global is a market place designed for overseas brands and retailers to market their products in China without having an actual presence in China.

With the slogan: 100% foreign original authentic, 100% foreign merchants, 100% domestic return. Tmall Global aims at providing quality international goods to the consumers in China.

Brands/retailers that want to sell products on Tmall Global must be settled outside of mainland China (have an overseas business registration), have an overseas registered trademark, and/or have the brand re-selling authorization. Besides, they must also have good reputation in foreign countries as well as good operating conditions.

What are the most popular product categories?

Mother & Baby is the most popular category. Following closely is Cosmetics and Personal care as well as Health Supplements. These categories count for 2/3 of the sales. The remaining categories like Clothes and Shoes, Beverage and Food as well as Home Décor and Accessories count for the last 1/3 of total sales.

Who buys products on Tmall Global?

The Tmall global shoppers are partly women (72%) and nearly a-third men (28%). The shoppers are among 29 – 50 years old. The largest group is between 29 – 35 years.

Is there a market (for my products)?

It depends on the product types. The Chinese middle class demands typically lifestyle products which are authentic, unique and of high quality.

How do Alibaba ensure that counterfeit goods are not on Tmall Global?

Tmall Global is a market place for international products. Alibaba is approving every single product on their market place and is ensuring that counterfeit goods as well as illegal products are not sold on the platform.


Product Requirements & Issues


What is required to start sales on Ehubnordic’s multibrand store on Tmall Global?

You should first be approved as a Brand by Alibaba, and therefore you would need to submit below in English:

1). Business/Company Registration Certificate (outside China),

2). Trademark Registration in your country or internationally (not necessary in China for Tmall Global’s approval)

3). Brand Logo

4). Letter of Authorization (LOA) if you don’t own the brand/product, and LOA to Ehubnordic as the Tmall Global Shop Operator

How long does it take before my products are live on Ehubnordic’s multibrand store?

It takes up to 8 – 10 weeks before your products go live on our web shop – .Ehubnordic’s on-boarding team will guide you through the process regarding registrations, images, product descriptions / brand story, prices etc.

Do I need a governmental product approval?

It depends on the shipment modes, so it’s both “yes” and “no.” Overall your products must be legal to be “imported” into China. If you choose to send the products directly from Denmark to China via PostNord, then you don’t need to enclose an approval certificate. But if you choose to have the products in the Cainiao Bonded Warehouses in Free Trade Zones, then you would need to check if your products are listed on “Positive List of Cross-Border E-commerce,” and have import license for custom clearance in China.

Which rules do I have to follow as a brand?

You are responsible for your own products and have to follow the rules applicable and issued by Alibaba (Tmall Global) and the Chinese authorities. Both of them have their lists of forbidden products.

What happens if the product a customer receives is damaged?

First of all, it’s always merchant’s duty to ensure the packaging of the products are safe. Customer is entitled to claim a “return & refund” if the received product is damaged.

Do I need trademark registration?

Yes. Trademark registration is very important before starting sales to China.


Marketing, Sales & Logistics


How is customer service conducted?

Ehubnordic is handling customer service through our partner in China.

How do you manage returns?

According to the rule of Tmall Global, all shops must have a return address in China. If customers receive damaged or wrong products, they have the right to claim, “Return & Refund” and brands should bear the shipping cost.

In general, from March 2017 on, Chinese online customers have a 7-day period to evaluate the product. If they deem it, for whatever reason, unacceptable, they can return the product, at their expense, to the online retailer. But this rule is not compulsory for Tmall Global merchants to follow, as Tmall Global is registered in HongKong.

Which legislation do I as a brand have to follow?

Primarily, the Chinese customs regulation.

What is the level of duty?

It depends on logistic solutions and sales prices – Direct Mail (parcel tax) or Bonded-Warehouse (discounted integrated tax).

How is payment conducted?

The payment system used on Tmall Global is called Alipay. It is a system owned by Alibaba. Payment is secure process. When a Chinese customer places an order and finalizes it, payment is deducted from the customer’s Alipay account. When the order is well received by the customer, payment is released through Alipay to the brand owner.

How are placed orders handled?

As a brand you handle your placed orders in a backend system provided by Ehubnordic.

How can I follow my orders?

Each brand can follow their orders, cancellations etc. in the backend system provided by Ehubnordic.

How is stock managed?

Each brand is responsible for their own stock. Ehubnordic is not a stockiest.

How is an order shipped?

Each order is shipped or send by the brand owner from their stock / webshop.

How is the marketing process?

Ehubnordic is executing marketing plans, monthly, for your brand as well as on shop level. Besides that, we deliver and monitors traffic and sales reports, monthly as well.